Release: Nereid’s Adornments @ We Love Roleplay

Release: Nereid’s Adornments @ We Love Roleplay
Update: These are now available on my marketplace.

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It’s my first event, woo!

I thought I was done with fantasy stuff for a while, but then I got invited to participate in We Love Roleplay for this round, so I drowned my eyes in asian mmo armor and made some fantasy gear!

They also just redid their event venue and it is much easier to navigate. Here is a quick guide to finding my booth from the landing point.

Hop over to the event to pick up this set and see cool stuff from the other vendors, or stick around and read my usual text-dump of info!

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The set includes four pieces: chest, shoulders, torso, and garters. The shoulders and garters can be worn separately.

The chest-plate is also optional, so v-tech males can also wear the torso piece if they like.

Maitreya & V-Tech fitted.

The fatpack includes a texture customization hud. You can preview the hud and color options in the demo. Fatpack version is also mod, so advanced users may tint the individual parts as they like. Individual colors are not customizable.

Materials enabled, of course!

Product photos taken in default SL lighting.

Thanks to Tillie, Abby, and Onion for help with the picture!

Made it this far? Here’s the pic without the ad covering everything.
By polydoll & cynefin on 2018-02-07 19:57:09