How To Make Money Now Online

Copyright (c) 2007 Richard van Beek

Many people are starting online businesses to help make extra money, or to replace their current full-time income. Some people need to make money now and are looking for ways to do that. In this article we’ll talk about how to make money now on the Internet with affiliate marketing.

When you do not have a lot of money, using the Internet to start an online business, is an excellent way to get started. The Internet allows you to start a business anywhere in the world for pennies on the dollar, or even free.

With affiliate marketing you do not need your own product to start making money now. This is very appealing as most people do not have their own products to sell, nor do they have their own websites to sell them on.

You can join in affiliate marketing program for free and be in business for yourself in a couple of minutes. Affiliate marketing takes care of everything for you such as, shipping products, collecting money, handling returns, and sending you your commission checks. It is pretty difficult to find a better way than that to quickly make money today.

Getting paid to sell other people’s products can happen in three different ways.

1. Pay per click.

2. Pay per lead.

3. Pay per sale.

There is even a fourth way, hitting the marketplace in 2008 called pay per play. Where as pay per click pays, you to advertise products or online by the click, pay per play will play an ad in the background on your website and pay you where nothing is required from your website visitor.

Pay per lead is just what it says. You get paid to provide leads to companies and then follow up and try to sell their products. Pay per sale is where you sell a product or service and are commissioned for doing that.

The rule of thumb is this. The more that is required from your visitor the lower your conversion rate will be, but the higher your commission will be. The easier it is for your customer, the higher your closing percentage will be in the lower your commission is as well.

Getting paid by the click might only earn you pennies for every click, but your visitors will click on ads in a higher rate, allowing you to earn money on a higher number of visitors. When getting paid by the sale you will make fewer sales but will earn a higher commission.

In summary, to make money now on the Internet you need to quickly find something to sell and start getting visitors to a website. Affiliate marketing is a great way to do that, because everything is provided for youArticle Submission, which allows you to spend your time on marketing and promoting your products.